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By Patrick Skinner

3 min read

Writing UDFs in Golang

Aug 24, 2023· By Patrick Skinner
We return to the wide world of WASM. In our previous round we implemented a UDF using Rust; today we're porting it to Golang.
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May 24, 2023 ·By Patrick Skinner
9 min read

Deploying a serverless Seafowl DB to Google Cloud Run using GCS FUSE and SQLite

Learn how to combine Seafowl with GCS FUSE to achieve true scale to zero. Serve users at the edge with a web (HTTP)-first analytical database that works on GCP Cloud Run, including within the "always free" tier.
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Jan 12, 2023 ·By Patrick Skinner
6 min read

Open Data Monitor

How can we track open government datasets over time? Say hello to Open Data Monitor, a Socrata tracking tool powered by Seafowl and Splitgraph.
Aug 17, 2022 ·By Patrick Skinner
4 min read

SELECT directly from the browser

How Splitgraph's DDN HTTP API lets you run SQL queries directly from the browser, opening new possiblities for client-side data-driven apps.
Jul 6, 2022 ·By Patrick Skinner
6 min read

Building a data-driven app with Splitgraph and Streamlit

We demonstrate how combining Splitgraph and Streamlit lets devs and data scientists more easily build data-driven apps. In this example we plot NYC subway turnstile data to try and glean how NYC's Covid recovery is going.