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Table partitioning and time travel queries: Seafowl case study

Nov 18, 2022· By Marko Grujić
We discuss how Seafowl performs table partitioning to enable efficient versioning and time travel queries
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Oct 12, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
12 min read

(Ab)using CDNs for SQL queries

A deep dive into how we designed Seafowl's REST API to be HTTP cache and CDN friendly, including some discussion of ETags and other HTTP cache mechanics.
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Oct 9, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
6 min read

Seafowl: a database for analytics at the edge

Our new project: a CDN-friendly analytical database that's up to 10x faster than PostgreSQL and up to 5x faster than Splitgraph.
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