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Apr 14, 2022 · By Peter Neumark

Get your own private Splitgraph data portal

Deploy a demo instance of a Dedicated Data Portal, so you can experiment with Splitgraph features in a single-tenant environment. Try it today, free for 7 days, no credit card required.

Splitgraph helps teams collaborate on data

At Splitgraph, we're convinced there's better ways to collaborate on data than sharing CSV files. The ability to query other databases using Postgres queries, import data from hundreds of data sources, transform it with dbt, and travel back in time to any previous version all serve the same purpose: to give teams working with data a place to collaborate effectively. That said, if you're working with CSV files, we have that covered as well 😉.

The quickest way to try Splitgraph is to simply sign up to Splitgraph.com, the public data portal open to everyone. You can import or connect your own data into private or public repositories. And you can query over 40,000 public data tables within 60 seconds, just by pointing your Postgres client to data.splitgraph.com:5432.

Dedicated Data Portals

For organizations, we also provide Dedicated Data Portals, which are private deployments of Splitgraph to the cloud infrastructure of your choice. You get all the same features of Splitgraph.com, except within a dedicated single-tenant instance that you can invite your teammates to.

Dedicated Data Portals are currently in beta. Starting today, you can provision a demo environment free for 7 days with no credit card required. If you want to continue experimenting, just get in touch with us and we'll extend the trial. Once you're ready to buy, schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Try Splitgraph in a single-tenant environment

In addition to the features available on the public Splitgraph.com, a Dedicated Data Portal enables you to:

  • Store your data in a single-tenant environment.
  • Get your own Splitgraph subdomain.
  • Invite colleagues, collaborators and customers.
  • Run Splitgraph in your cloud provider's region to minimize latency and transfer costs.
  • Integrate with your company's OAuth/SSO (e.g. Okta).
  • Gain in-depth control over sharing and unlimited namespaces.

Deploy now

Launch your own demo Dedicated Data Portal with just a few clicks (signup, but no credit card required).

What to expect

After you signup and deploy the demo, we'll send you an email in about 20 minutes, once your deployment is ready. It will look like this:

Just click the button in the email to get started with your Dedicated Data Portal.

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