By Artjoms Iškovs

12 min read

(Ab)using CDNs for SQL queries

Oct 12, 2022· By Artjoms Iškovs
A deep dive into how we designed Seafowl's REST API to be HTTP cache and CDN friendly, including some discussion of ETags and other HTTP cache mechanics.
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Oct 9, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
6 min read

Seafowl: a database for analytics at the edge

Our new project: a CDN-friendly analytical database that's up to 10x faster than PostgreSQL and up to 5x faster than Splitgraph.
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Jun 8, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
9 min read

Solving Sudoku with Poetry's dependency resolver

An unexpected use case for one of Python's most popular package managers.
May 4, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
9 min read

splitgraph.yml: Terraform for your data stack

We showcase the splitgraph.yml format, which lets you programmatically manage your datasets on Splitgraph, change their data source settings and define dbt transformations.
Feb 8, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
3 min read

Share datasets like Notion pages

Splitgraph now supports advanced data sharing settings. Make a repository private, invite a collaborator and control their level of access, all from a simple Web UI.
Feb 3, 2022 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
10 min read

Scheduling, versioning and cataloging: introducing our dbt integration

We showcase the ability to run dbt models on Splitgraph, triggering them on a schedule as well as using GitHub Actions. We also talk about how it works and share more plans for our dbt integration.
Dec 23, 2021 ·By Artjoms Iškovs
7 min read

Airbyte, dbt, Splitgraph: how we built our modern data stack

We talk about our modernized data stack that uses Airbyte for data ingestion, dbt for transformations and Splitgraph itself for storage, versioning, discoverability and querying.
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