Splitgraph Engine

The Splitgraph Engine is where Splitgraph stores and queries datasets. It's built on top of the PostgreSQL database with a few extensions, including the splitgraph Python library itself. Because of that, you can query the Splitgraph engine with any application that works with PostgreSQL, including pgcli, PostgREST or PostGraphile. You do not need to rewrite any of your tools to use Splitgraph.

While it is possible to add Splitgraph to existing PostgreSQL deployments, there isn't currently a simple installation method. If you're interested in doing so, you can follow the instructions in the engine Dockerfile or contact us.

The simplest way to manage the Splitgraph engine is by using sgr engine. sgr engine is a wrapper around Docker that manages the Docker container the Splitgraph engine runs in, as well as Docker volumes with Splitgraph data and metadata.