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Loading Elasticsearch indexes

To mount a remote Elasticsearch index into the sgr engine using Splitgraph's fork of pg_es_fdw, run:

$ sgr mount elasticsearch -c elasticsearch:9200 -o@- <<EOF
      "table_spec": {
        "table_1": {
          "schema": {
            "id": "text",
            "@timestamp": "timestamp",
            "query": "text",
            "col_1": "text",
            "col_2": "boolean",
          "options": {
              "index": "index-pattern*",
              "rowid_column": "id",
              "query_column": "query"

The FDW translates local queries into the Elasticsearch Query DSL. You can also pass Lucene query strings as query_column equality clauses. For example, if query_column is set to query, you can use WHERE query='text_body:chess').

To snapshot the table, making it part of an actual Splitgraph image, use the sgr import command.