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Committing changes

To commit changes to a checked-out repository, use sgr commit. This will record the data in the audit triggers as a series of new sgr objects and create a new image with those objects.


$ sgr commit example/repo_2 --message "My first image"
$ sgr show example/repo_2:latest
$ sgr table example/repo_2:latest demo

Committing example/repo_2...
Storing and indexing table demo
100%|██████████████| 1/1 [00:00<00:00,  4.44objs/s]
Committed example/repo_2 as 48407a3cef8a.

Image example/repo_2:48407a3cef8a9ed3e54d88c6f3768385cc8d3e8e14c1034062decdc265f3d172
My first image
Created at 2020-04-06T10:18:11.218442
Size: 1.48 KiB
Parent: 97900a8279627ec22b355d1211dd824f78f5840b6a0e30e1d285f4e5c6120016


Table example/repo_2:48407a3cef8a9ed3e54d88c6f3768385cc8d3e8e14c1034062decdc265f3d172/demo

Size: 1.48 KiB
Rows: 10
  key (integer, PK)
  value (character varying)


Splitgraph stores the demo table as a new object in this image, and the object only includes the 6 changed rows, as opposed to the whole table.

Tag the new image and check out the old one:

$ sgr tag example/repo_2 new_data
$ sgr checkout example/repo_2:original_data
$ sgr sql --schema example/repo_2 "SELECT * FROM demo ORDER BY key"

You should see the original contents of the table before all changes. Check out the new copy:

$ sgr checkout example/repo_2:new_data
$ sgr sql --schema example/repo_2 "SELECT * FROM demo ORDER BY key"

Behind the scenes, this replays the changes packaged up in the patch object against the original copy of the table.

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