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Loading Postgres tables

To use postgres_fdw and mount remote PostgreSQL databases, run:

$ sgr mount postgres_fdw local_schema -c username:password@server:port -o@- <<EOF
    "dbname": remote_db_name,
    "remote_schema": remote_schema_name,
    "tables": ["table_1", "table_2"],
    "extra_server_args": [optional, e.g. {"use_remote_estimate": "true"}]

"tables" can be omitted (in which case all tables in remote_schema will be mounted into local_schema).

You can also pass a dictionary of tables and their schema as tables. This will override the schema that's inferred by IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA. For example:

  "tables": {
    "table_1": {
      "schema": {
        "col_1": "integer",
        "col_2": "text"

To snapshot the data, making it part of an actual Splitgraph image, use the sgr import command.