External repositories

Some repositories on Splitgraph Cloud are external. This means that they aren't physically present on the registry as images, and we only index them.

In most cases, we have written adapters for external repositories to make them mountable through the Splitgraph engine by using the sgr mount command. This lets you query external repositories from your engine with any PostgreSQL client and use them in Splitfiles. They are also accessible via the Splitgraph Cloud REST API.


We index over 40000 datasets on the Socrata open government data platform. The Splitgraph adapter for Socrata is a foreign data wrapper that transforms queries into the SoQL query language. Splitgraph forwards the query to the Socrata server, which executes the actual logic, and then returns the query result back to the client. This means that you can explore large remote Socrata endpoints with any PostgreSQL client, including DBeaver, Datagrip or Metabase.

You can mount Socrata repositories as follows (also see the "Mount Data" button in a Splitgraph cloud repository for templated instructions):

sgr mount socrata chicago_data -o @- <<EOF
    "domain": "data.cityofchicago.org",
    "tables": {"fire_stations": "28km-gtjn"},
    "app_token": "YOUR_APP_TOKEN"

(Note app_token is optional, but without it you may be throttled.)

Read the Socrata documentation for more information.